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To PNC Park We Go!


PNC Park seems to always find itself near the top in annual lists of ballpark rankings. Even on television, you can see why. The home of the Pirates is an intimate park, nestled along the banks of the Allegheny River, with stunning views of downtown Pittsburgh. Aside from AT&T Park in San Francisco, few modern parks receive the rave views bestowed upon PNC.

After putting PNC near the top of my “must-see” lists, I’m beyond excited to trek to Pittsburgh over Memorial Day weekend for a game. Aside from a slew of Nationals games last year (including a game against the Braves where the heat index swelled to 115 degrees), I failed in my quest to get to a second MLB park. In an effort to remedy that, I’m taking advantage of the long weekend to see what Pittsburgh has to offer. .

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Second half here we come!

Melky Cabrera (yes, the dude who once threw a ball from LF to CF instead of the cutoff man) is your ASG MVP. (photo credit: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

The All Star Game came and went last night. Former Yankees/Braves/Royals outcast Melky Cabrera and Giants teammates Matt Cain and Pablo Sandoval led the way for the National League who put up their biggest victory of all time last. The American League barely put up a whimper and found themselves on the losing side for the third consecutive year, this time to an embarrassing 8-0 final score. So with that, the National League champion will find themselves with home field advantage in the World Series for the third consecutive year. Home field advantage has proved fruitful for the NL who’s taken home the World Series title in both 2010 and 2011. It’s still ridiculous that the winner of an exhibition gets home field advantage for the Series, but there’s no need to complain because we’re onto the second half!  Continue reading