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UPDATE: Sneak peek at new BP caps; Braves getting slammed for caps

The Screaming Indian makes a return to Atlanta.

The Screaming Indian makes a return to Atlanta.

UPDATE: The Atlanta Braves are getting battered in the press for their decision to bring back the “screaming Indian”.  I wonder if this hat will actually see the light of day?

Well, it’s the offseason and generally, outside of a few free agents signings and the occasional trade, baseball news is hard to come by. It’s why the baseball world will pay attention to something as inconsequential as the announcement of new BP/spring training caps. If you hadn’t noticed, every three years or so, MLB puts all 30 teams through a spring training redesign, giving the teams new uniforms and mesh caps they sport during spring training and batting practice with pretty much the sole intent of selling a ton of new merchandise before the season starts. In 2013, this redesign is happening again and it’s going to be a radical departure from previous iterations of the spring training uniform. Our friends at Uni-Watch has all the details and even rates the new caps. After years of selling oddly designed stretch-fit caps, MLB is returning to a standard cap shape that of course is still going to be made of a mesh-like material that MLB and New Era will market as revolutionary.

However, upon first glance, it seems that at least one design is hardly revolutionary but rather devolutionary. The Atlanta Braves, which have long shunned their once oft-used “Screaming Indian” logo in favor of more culturally sensitive designs like tomahawks, are bringing him back in full force in 2013. What makes this design change so odd, is that the Braves created a new logo for their retro alternate jerseys last year to replace what was deemed the insensitive “Screaming Indian”. Not that this has stopped cap-maker New Era from making oodles of custom Braves hats featuring the Screaming Indian, nor has it prevented the production of other throwback merch over the years. Just seems kind of odd…

Upon additional pondering over the Braves’ decision to put the “screaming Indian” back on the hat, I can conclude only one thing: if you collect baseball hats, snatch this one up fast, because I don’t think the Braves will keep the hat beyond spring training in 2013.

Anyways, considering many of the new caps have a throwback design, I’m sure oodles of new caps will be on the heads of baseball fans across the country in 2013 and perhaps MLB and New Era will stick to the design for more than three years this time, however that seems like wishful thinking.

If you pick up one of the new caps, feel free to send us a pick via Twitter and we’ll get it up on the blog.

As 2013 quickly approaches (and with the announcement of new BP gear, we can’t be far from Spring Training), Root for the Home Team is looking for a few stadiums to visit. Before we start building a schedule for next season, we want to hear a few recommendations about where we should head during what will be a great year for baseball.

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And the coolest new MiLB team is….

A look at the Hops logo on one of their on-field caps. (On sale in Feb.)


The Hillsboro Hops! After spending 22 years as the Yakima Bears, the team moved to Hillsboro, Oregon, built a new park, and changed their name to the supremely cool “Hillsboro Hops“. Yes, the vastly expanding craft beer industry has infiltrated baseball big time by naming an MiLB team after a key ingredient in beer.  I’ve always been a huge fan of what Minor League Baseball does with both team names and logos. The Montgomery Biscuits are always near the top of’s best selling MiLB hats because, well, let’s face it, there’s a dancing biscuit on the crown. The single A Lexington Legends just went through a rebranding and will be sporting a green cap on the road that only features a curly mustache. A mustache on a hat! If you’re a purist, you might disapprove of wild logos and team names, but for tiny MiLB teams like the Hops, choosing a name and logo so great gets a baseball blogger in Georgia talking about single A baseball from Oregon.

I might not make it out to Hillsboro to catch a Hops game anytime soon, but you can bet that I will be sporting a Hops cap in 2013! Kudos on the rebranding, it looks great!