We are Joel Mendelson and Will Avery and we travel the country to meet baseball fans and find out what it is like to live as a fan of our country’s baseball teams. Baseball is a game that is ingrained in the American psyche. It has been with us in peace and war, through prosperity and depression and has become part of what it means to be an American.

Whether it be a 1,000 person minor league stadium or Fenway Park, we want to know what it is like and what it means to be a fan of baseball in America.

If you’re interested in learning more about Root for the Home Team, send us an email!


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  1. Posted by Alex Bensky on July 31, 2011 at 1:33 pm

    Hi, Joel and Will. WIll, I am told, knows my nephew, Brian Bensky. Nice site, and I’ve bookmarked it. I have been to forty major league and ninety-six minor league parks, by the way.

    I have heretofore boycotted Comerica Facility, for reasons relating to the Tiger Stadium issue–I can discuss this if you are stupefyingly bored. However, for a complicated reason I am ending that later this week, so if you’re ever in the Detroit area let me know.

    My home is currently a very, very Spartan setup but if you can live with that, my casual housekeeping, and the fact that I have a cat, I would be genuinely offended if any friends of Brian’s even thought about paying for a place to stay.

    Toledo and Lansing are both within about an hour and a half drive and are worth seeing. We also have a number of quite good brewpubs in the area.


  2. We would love to make it up to Detroit sometime! We are going to be leaving on Thursday to head to Rome GA, Huntsville AL, Birmingham AL, and Montgomery AL. We will be blogging all the way on the trip as we talk to folks and find out their feelings about the game.

    Thanks for finding us!


  3. And the brewpubs do sound great! We are both beer fanatics, especially good beer!


  4. Guys-my baseball playing and loving nephews are coming to Georgia so we can see the Braves play next Saturday. One is 14, the other is 11. Any recommendations on what to do at The Ted before the game?


    • There’s lots to do inside Turner Field! When you enter into the main plaza, there are great baseball-related games to the right in “Scouts Alley”. You can buy tickets and play all sorts games. To the left, Taco Mac has opened a family zone that features free video games and other activities for kids. Sky Field (near the big Coke bottle) is always a cool place to spend some time. If you get there early enough, the Braves might be taking batting practice and usually let fans sit closer to the action to watch.

      Have a great time! Nothing like a late-Summer game at the Ted!


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