New adventures on tap for 2016


After nearly 2 decades in Atlanta, this will be my new home ballpark. *Gulp*

Last year was filled was unfulfilled promises and plenty of false starts. Baseball took a backseat to finishing graduate school, largely unsuccessful attempts to find gainful employment in an economy that doesn’t value people with liberal arts degrees (I have only myself to blame), and a strange purgatory where I found myself in a place where most things in life seemed to stall.

However, in recent weeks, the finishing touches on a move to the Washington D.C. area were put in motion. Not only will this provide me with real, quality job opportunities, but it also puts me dangerously close to the majority of the AL and NL East, as well as a plethora of minor league teams at all levels of play. To say I’m excited is an understatement. So, after an underwhelming few years, which found me wallowing around the south, seeing a game or two at a minor league park in Florida, Georgia, or Alabama, I will now have relatively easy access to six major league teams, and more minor league teams than I can count.

What does this mean?

Even with jobs, familial obligations, and the financial challenges of living in one of the most expensive cities in the United States (thanks, DC), baseball should make a welcome return to my life and this blog this year. All six major league teams are accessible by train, with the Nationals and Orioles only a short ride away, and weekend trips to minor league parks should hopefully happen with some regularity. My goal this year is to hit both Washington, Baltimore, and at least one more of the remaining major league teams in the northeast, along with three to five minor league teams (all of which will be TBD).

It’s been a difficult time for me and getting to write a bit about baseball is both calming and provides so much needed hope for what comes next. I was very skeptical about moving to the DC area, but given how easy it is to see baseball in that part of the country, I am growing increasingly comfortable with the thought. However, as a lifelong Braves fan, this might be difficult. The Nationals have quickly supplanted other NL East teams to become the Braves’ top rival and having the Nationals as my new, local team will take some getting used to. While I am disappointed with the Braves’ direction (although you can kind of see the end game), I am not abandoning my love for the Braves. (After all, what would I do with the Braves crap I’ve collected?) However, I will try to root for the home team when they aren’t playing the Braves and given my team’s chances at winning in the near future, it doesn’t seem like the Braves and Nationals will compete with one another for a division title anytime soon.

Anyways, please stand-by while I get settled and prepared for a 2016 season which should include fun pieces about my adventures in a new home, with plenty of fantastic professional baseball to see. Also, new baseball means I get to indulge in my unhealthy collection of baseball caps. I’m excited and ready for the new season!

Play ball!


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