Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from RFTHT!

Happy New Year from RFTHT!

A very Happy New Year from Root for the Home Team to all of those that stop by our humble little blog and follow us as we discover baseball in America. We are very thankful for the parks we visited in 2012 and we’re looking forward to a productive year during the 2013 baseball season as we continue to visit new ballparks, revisit our favorites, and continue to discover why baseball has endured since the American Civil War. Millions flock to ballparks across the country each and every year, creating memories with family and friends as they root on their home team. I can’t wait to meet more of the wonderful people that keep this sport America’s pastime, even as some are ready to declare football number one. We’ll be starting to look at 2013 schedules in the coming weeks, and we’ll be putting together a tentative schedule that we hope will include multiple Major League parks as well as several MiLB parks. Washington and Baltimore are close to the top of the list for MLB teams and we’ll certainly focus on visiting with the Nashville Sounds, Savannah Sand Gnats, Asheville Tourists, and Charleston RiverDogs.

We of course always love the support we get from readers who love the RFTHT concept, follow us, tweet with us, and meet up with us at games. If you keep reading, we’ll keep going to ballgames and even if you stop, our love for baseball won’t. In 2013 we pledge to continue to cover baseball games and also focus on the issues affecting the game of baseball, big and small, to provide a different and unique perspective on the beautiful game.


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