Check out designs for Brewers’ YOUniform contest

Yes, someone actually wants the Brewers to wear this uniform during a spring training game...

Yes, someone actually wants the Brewers to wear this uniform during a spring training game…

There are points, especially during the offseason when you start looking for baseball news just about anywhere. Sure, there have been some major developments on the free agent market, but why focus on that when you can scroll through the more than 500 fan uniform designs submitted to the Milwaukee Brewers?!? As a baseball fan who admires and is sometimes horrified by the on-field apparel donned by our favorite baseball teams, this is an intriguing contest. To provide a little background, the Brewers are holding a fan-designed uniform contest, and the winning design will be used as a one time spring training uniform next year. It’s a fascinating concept that allows the world of fan-designed uniforms to finally get some respect.

As the designs poured in, the Brewers posted pictures of the 500 + uniforms on their website for all to enjoy. There are throwbacks to the Milwaukee Braves days, plenty of inspired looks, and a few completely outrageous ones. No matter what you think of the designs, you have to give the Brewers credit for keeping their artistic fan base occupied during the long winter months.

The Brewers are no strangers to unusual uniform designs. Over the years, they’ve sported a beer-colored Spanish-language alternate jersey and Italian jerseys and hats last season, featuring with the colors of the Italian flag. With that in mind, it will be interesting to see what uniform ultimately wins the top prize.

Finalists will be announced on January 13 and the winning design may be worn in a spring training game. There’s also no word on whether the winning design will be available for purchase, but something tells me that if they wear them in a game, the Brewers, Majestic, and New Era will find a way to get the jerseys and hats into the hands of Brewers fans and collectors of unusual baseball merchandise. If the contest is successful, it would be nice to see the uniforms make it into a regular season game, if only for the shock value.

I would love to link you to all the wonderful designs, but you’re going to have to head over to the website and take a look yourself.

We’ll post the winning design on RFTHT in January and keep tabs on any other interesting ways for fans to stay involved with their favorite home team throughout the off season.


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