Time for some Home Team!

Per usual, we’re off to see our home team–the Atlanta Braves–take on the New York Mets this afternoon. The Braves, hunting for starting pitching options, have Ben Sheets on the mound in his first MLB start in nearly two years. Let’s see if he can recapture his old glory.

Sheets will face off against Johan Santana at 1:35 p.m. and we’ll do our best to live tweet from the game. Remember, if you’re out rooting for the home team, use the hashtag #hometeam and we’ll do our best to stay in touch.

Oh, and in today’s reason why the Atlanta Braves have great ways to get fans through the gates, the team had an amazing offer a couple weeks back. If you bought an upper deck ticket to anyone’s of this weekend’s games and spent an extra $5, you get a throwback Dale Murphy jersey. Yes, for $5. Not sure of the quality (I assume it’s not going to be one of the fancy Mitchell & Ness throwbacks or even a Majestic) but it’s still an amazing deal. On top of that, the tickets were discounted, so for a whopping $15, I got an upper deck seat and a new jersey. Sweet. 

Anyways, we’ll see you at the Ted! 


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