A baseball fan like no other: Bill Murray

Far too many Americans are wrapped up in the NBA Finals, which will gracefully end just moments from now. It just did. However, that’s not why I greet you on this fine Summer evening. I greet you because one of the more unlikely baseball owners in the game today gave a rousing, albeit bonkers acceptance speech this week at the South Atlantic League’s Hall of Fame induction. That man is the co-owner and Director of Fun (a real position) of the Charleston RiverDogs and is none other than Bill Murray. For over 10 minutes, Murray provided not only hilarious entertainment, but heartfelt reasons why he loves the game of baseball. It began with a visit to Wrigley Field when he was a child.

He recounts the tale like it was yesterday and boy was it touching. I would quote what Murray says, but you’re better off just watching the video. It’s worth the time.

Murray proves that baseball fans come in all shapes, sizes, colors, creeds, and professions. Who would’ve thought watching Murray on SNL, or any number of his classic roles that he would one day own a baseball team?

Nothing more to say, other than enjoy!

Oh, not that this will be a poll or anything, but anyone want to guess how long ESPN discusses the implications of LeBron finally winning his championship.


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