Today in outrageous: Tampa Bay Rays “throwbacks”

The Rays 1979 “throwbacks” suit manager Joe Maddon pretty well, don’t you think? They’re both completely outrageous.

The Tampa Bay Rays are participating in a rather weird throwback day. When the Rays have previously sported throwbacks, they’ve been for teams that used to play in the Tampa Bay area. Last year for example, they sported Tampa Smokers unis. This year however, the Rays are going above and beyond by creating throwbacks for a Rays team that didn’t exist. What this unique throwback game is doing assumes that Rays existed in 1979 and the team made uniforms to fit the era. Today, those uniforms were finally revealed and oh boy do they fit in the late 70s era. Just imagine the Rays taking on the Blue Jays or maybe (if interleague play existed in 1979) the Padres….

Don’t believe me? Check out Rays manager Joe Maddon rocking the new uni and tell me it’s not a ridiculous outfit. No word on whether or not this hat/jersey combo is for sale, but expect them to be. According to the Rays press release, merchandise will be available starting June 25. The Rays will sport their new “throwbacks” on June 30 against the Tigers and I can’t wait to see these things in action.


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