More Braves games? Sure!

The bobblehead is nearly here and I will hold onto mine like a treasure that only Indiana Jones could find.

Well, the big weekend has finally arrived. After weeks of anticipation, we’re less than 48 hours away from ‘Sid Bream slide’ bobblehead day at Turner Field. It’s a glorious giveaway that stands to be one of the best the Braves have ever done. Don’t believe me? Just ask the dude who’s already put them up for sale on eBay for $80 a piece. Think he’s nuts? He’s already sold one. Yes, a presale for a team giveaway has already sold on eBay for 80 bucks…

I, on the other hand, will not be spending $80 for the greatness of this bobblehead. No, I’ll be there on Saturday with tens of thousands of others flocking to the gates of Turner Field in a zombie like frenzy for bobbleheads. However, there might be another reason why Saturday’s game is close to selling out. This weekend series against the Toronto Blue Jays isn’t just a rematch of the 1992 World Series, it’s Alumni Weekend at Turner Field, a wonderful tradition (ok, this is only the third year they’ve done it, but you get the point) that brings back the Braves of old. They meet with fans, play a softball game, and the Braves are even going to retire some guy’s number. Not sure why they’d do such a thing for #29…

Root for the Home Team will be there on Saturday (sadly won’t be there for Smoltzie’s retirement on Friday) and we’re excited to be covering all the action. Live tweets should be easy since Turner Field offers complimentary wifi and it makes connecting to the interwebs a breeze compared to other MLB parks. Not only will we be there for Sid Bream’s Awesome Day, but we’ll head back to Turner Field next Wednesday to see the New York Yankees take on the Braves for yet another bobblehead night (and another World Series rematch). Yes, another one. This time it’s Craig Kimbrel Rookie of the Year bobblehead night. So long as Turner Field keeps cranking out great giveaways, we’ll find a way to be there.

We’re still trying to plan out the rest of the summer, which will surely continue our adventures to Southern League ballparks and beyond. Stay tuned to Root for the Home Team for the latest.

Oh, and one last comment before I sign off for evening. I’m heading to Saturday’s game with a buddy of mine from middle school who moved away to Charlotte years ago. He’s coming down specifically for the ‘Slide’. Told you these things were hot.


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