Big RFTHT week coming up!

Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati is one of the three beautiful parks I’ll be checking out over the next 10 days.

As the summer heat approaches, the Root for the Home Team adventure continues with not one, but three games between May 20 and May 27. I’ll be seeing games from three separate levels (AA, AAA, and MLB) over the next 10 days, and I couldn’t be more excited. First stop is one of the oldest teams in baseball, the Chattanooga Lookouts. I’ve never been to a Lookouts game but I’ve heard nothing but stellar things from friends and baseball fans who have ventured to see the 126 year old franchise. AT&T Park seems like a great place to catch a game, is right on the river and across the street from the Tennessee Aquarium and I’m looking forward to enjoying the Dodgers’ AA team take on the Huntsville Stars (who I saw last season in Huntsville).

On Thursday May 24, I will venture to my first MLB stadium on the tour that isn’t Turner Field. However, I will still be seeing the Braves take on the Cincinnati Reds at the Great American Ballpark along the Ohio River. Ironically enough, I’ve seen the Braves visit the Reds before, albeit when Riverfront Stadium was still scorching fans (it was always roasting in that park) back in the 90s. I had great memories of seeing some of my first Braves games against the Reds in that old cookie cutter stadium, and I’m excited to see my home team take on the Reds in Cincinnati once again. Now, there is a fascinating predicament for me with this upcoming Braves/Reds game. Being a diehard Braves fan, I am compelled to root for my home team, so for this one game, I will be changing the experiment slightly and reporting on what it’s like to be an away fan. Will I get any scrutiny from Reds fans? Will I be booed? Overall, I’ll report on how Reds fans react to visiting fans and will they be cordial and accepting of an outsider. Keeping with tradition however, I will still snag some Reds gear while I’m there.

To close out the trip (and following a special occasion in Louisville), I’ll head down to Louisville Slugger Field, home of the Bats. They’ll be taking on the Indianapolis Indians, a team I saw frequently as a kid living in Louisville when the Redbirds were still calling Louisville home. I’ve never seen a baseball game at Slugger Field, but I did go to the stadium as a junior in high school for prom. I’m looking forward to wearing far more casual clothes and root on the struggling Bats.

Following this slew of games, I’ll be taking around 10 days off and then heading down to Turner Field on June 9 for some interleague action against the Blue Jays and most importantly for ‘Sid Bream slide’ bobbleheadnight. It might be the best promotion the Braves have ever done. To top it off, the Braves are doing another bobblehead night just four days later against the Yankees. This time it’s Craig Kimbrel Rookie of the Year bobblehead night. Doubly awesome.

Easily the best baseball promotion of all time. “Braves win! Braves win! Braves win!”

For all the latest updates on the games I (or we depending on who’s coming) keep checking schedule page and look for individual write-ups on the games.

Last but not least, I want to welcome Keith Lee to Root for the Home Team. He’s a brand new contributor to our humble blog and did a great write up on his love for baseball. Check it out!


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  1. Is there a way I can contact you about cross-promoting our blogs?


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