The Football Effect

As we head deeper into September, a chill grows in the air and football is in full swing. While baseball is certainly the greatest American sport, football remains the popular kid in the crowd. The revenue from the NFL and college football are enormous (just look at the fear on the faces of those who felt the NFL season would be canceled and all of the recent conference realignment in college) and it certainly draws attention away from baseball during waning days of the regular season. Personally, it’s my favorite part of the season. Nail biting pennant races (in most years) give way to the playoffs, in what is the greatest month in professional sports.

October baseball remains something of legend. It’s an experience unlike any other in the sporting world. The air is crisper, the sun sets earlier, and as the lights shine bright in games throughout the stadiums hosting playoff teams. There’s an excitement and tension shared by fans, players and management, hoping to bring a World Series trophy to their town. Prior to the start of the playoffs we see the fight for teams to secure a playoff spot, and races that recently looked all but over (see Tampa Bay and Boston), have looked to make the final week of the regular season stellar.

Why then do people get more interested in who’s playing on Monday Night Football than if Tampa Bay will overtake Boston for the AL Wild Card?

Are people still holding a grudge because of the strike? Is baseball really that boring to the majority of Americans? Who knows! I don’t think there’s an easy answer to this question and I’m leaving it up to the readers. Check out our poll or leave a comment and let us know why baseball ceases to matter for so many once we get to September.


Also, we should have regular updates again. We weren’t abandoning the blog, but Will started a new job and I’ve been working on a rather crazy campaign that’s limited our free time to dedicate to RFHT. We’ll try and get posts up daily, even if they’re short and we’ll especially have regular updates throughout the MLB Playoffs.


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