5 days, 4 cities and only 2 games

The beauty of the sunset is the antithesis of most of the weather we saw in Alabama (I-65 looking west over the Tennessee River)

The plan was too perfect. We’d start in Rome, GA on a Thursday night, catch a Rome Braves game before heading to Huntsville to start a three game swing of Southern League teams. If it were only that easy! As mentioned in one of our earlier posts, we hit rain on the first day of our trip that made this trip quite the challenge. Rome was rained out on Thursday and so was Huntsville. While the weather was better on Friday, the field conditions in Huntsville weren’t, so that game was canceled as well. That’s when our schedule became a bit problematic. Rather than seeing Huntsville on Friday, heading to Birmingham early Saturday for an evening Barons game, everything was pushed back a day.

After Saturday’s game in Huntsville we drove to Birmingham during a beautiful Alabama sunset. On Sunday afternoon/evening we saw a Barons game in great weather, albeit hot. Our attitudes perked up quite a bit now that we had two games under our belts and it seemed the disastrous start was behind us. After seeing the Barons crunch the Jackson Generals (more on that when we have write-ups on the Birmingham experience) we drove onto Montgomery for the final stop of our trip.

Now, the most unfortunate thing about coming in late at night and having the entirety of the following day before seeing a game can be a pain. We weren’t stopping in the biggest or most exciting cities in the world, so we had to find things to do. We checked out of our hotel in Montgomery early yesterday morning and began exploring downtown Montgomery. We made many stops (again, more on that in a different blog post) and were really enjoying our stay in Montgomery. However, as the boiling hot summer afternoon wore on, dark clouds began to build. The showers, at the time, were widely scattered at best, and it looked like we might be able to skirt the worst of the weather and see one last game on the trip.

Mother nature had different plans.

Upon purchasing tickets, thunder and lightning split the skies over Alabama’s capital city and Will and I looked at each other with concern. We considered walking down to the Alabama River, but the storm grew closer and it appeared that shelter was a better option. We ducked into Riverwalk Stadium’s entrance just in time. The skies opened up complete with lightning so close and thunder so loud, that I’m convinced lightning struck the top of the stadium. Baseball in Montgomery last night was looking like a bad idea.

However, in the midst of the biblical storm, Biscuits’ officials opened the gates and allowed us entry into the park. We waited a few minutes until the rain began slacking off and finally ventured into the stadium and headed to the team store to buy Biscuits’ hats. It was still gently raining on the tarp-covered field, and we took our time perusing the gift shop. Will and I purchased our caps, and at the moment the cashier put the hat into a bag, she received a call on the radio.

“So a double header starting tomorrow [Tuesday] at 5:30? Ok then.”

“Excuse me, but is tonight’s game canceled?” I said with great concern.

“Yes it is, there’s another storm cell behind the one that just came through,” she responded.

A look of pain was on Will’s face. Five days, 4 cities and we only saw 2 games.

We might’ve looked like kids who were just told Christmas wasn’t happening as we sheepishly put our Biscuits’ hats on our heads, walked out of the team store and toward the ticket window. We were told that our tickets can be used at any future Biscuits’ game (in 2011 of course) and to have a safe trip back to Atlanta. Will and I were noticeably distraught. We’d traveled far, explored baseball in the South and we’d only seen two games. To say that we were bummed was an understatement.

“I’m so mad, I could punch you in the arm,” Will jokingly proclaimed.

That wrapped up Will’s sentiments about the trip. We started with rain and ended with rain. As we got into the car, I looked to the northwest and knew the stadium officials were right, another storm cell was on the horizon and looked ready to pound Montgomery. Will drove through pounding rain, even making a brief stop outside of Auburn because of the torrential downpour. We were down on the ride home, but not out. Will and I knew that we couldn’t let this experience ruin our love for baseball and wanting to continue this project. We gazed at the Biscuits’ remaining schedule and are hopeful that we can attend a home game later in August (we plan on doing the same in Rome). The trip came to an abrupt ending, but the adventure is just beginning.

Note: Full write-ups on Montgomery and Birmingham will be coming this week. I just needed to get out my thoughts on the rain beforehand.


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