Day 2: No rain, no game; frustration sets in

Hopefully this trip will "take-off" today...

We awoke yesterday with a renewed excitement for baseball. The sun was mostly shining and the weather looked good for baseball. As our day in Huntsville wore on, we were ready for our first game, but the Huntsville Stars had other plans.

Rain started moving in yesterday afternoon and apparently looked threatening enough for the team to postpone the game. We had checked the weather regularly throughout the afternoon, and at the time the game was called, it did appear that Huntsville would get an afternoon thunderstorm. Except it never did.

After deliberating what to do, Will, Heath and I decided to find a spot to drink a beer and watch the Braves game. We settled in at Buffalo Wild Wings and rooted on our home team against the New York Mets. While the Braves beat the Mets and both Dan Uggla and Freddie Freeman extended their hitting streaks, we couldn’t ignore that not a drop of rain had fallen around Huntsville. The impending storms dissipated and aside from a couple of lightning strikes followed by rumbles of thunder, it was not the type of day that results in a canceled baseball game.

Not much else to say other than it’s damn frustrating to have a game postponed by weather when the weather was good enough for baseball. An MLB team would’ve played yesterday and if we learned anything, it’s that lower level MiLB teams are willing to cancel or postpone games without much hesitation or attempt to play the game. It’s a stark contrast from the big leagues, where a couple of claps of thunder wouldn’t postpone a game more than a few minutes.

As of 12 noon Central Daylight Time, it appears that Huntsville will play a double header today, despite rain in the area. Assuming that happens, we’ll see Huntsville today, Birmingham tomorrow and Montgomery Monday before heading back home. It’s been a wacky start to this project and we certainly didn’t expect to have ZERO games under out belts halfway through the trip. If all goes well, we’ll have updates on an actual game tomorrow morning. Until then, stay tuned sports fans!


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